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Protected Areas

Percent of County area that is protected land or managed by a conservation partner.

Response Persons

Number of first responders per 100 square miles.

Roaded Area

Percent of county within 540 m of roads.

Socioeconomic Stress Index

Index based on the sum of Persistent Poverty, Housing Stress, Low Employment, Low Educational Attainment, and Population Loss.

State 95th Percentile Fire Size

State 95th percentile fire size (reported in acres).

State 99th Percentile Fire Size

State 99th percentile fire size (reported in acres).

State and Federal Area Burned
State Annual Average Area Burned

State Annual average of area burned per hundred square miles.

State Median Fire Size

State median fire size (reported in acres).

Suburban Factor Score

WUI factor score (weighted toward urban or % agriculture)

Surface Fuel Clusters

Statistical clustering of LANDFIRE's Fuel Loading Model (FLM) surface fuel classification system.

Terrain Factor Score

Physical environment factor score weighted to terrain and summer precipitation.