These counties occur mostly near urban centers in the eastern United States, with one county in Oregon (Marion). These areas experience high demographic stress along with moderate demographic advantage, and high ignitions. Many fires start within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI).

Example of a Typical County — St. Louis City County, Missouri: This county includes economically stressed St. Louis.

National Priorities

Vegetation and Fuels Very Low
Homes, Communities and Values at Risk High
Human-Caused Ignitions High
Effective and Efficient Response:
There is low risk of large wildfires.

Policy Options and Opportunities

Managing Fuels Across the Landscape
Local discretion should be used to determine the importance of fuel treatment, which treatment is applicable and what is affordable based on the use of local resources.

Managing Ignitions
Human caused ignitions are not as great here as in other parts of the country, but may deserve attention if a local situation dictates.

Home and Community Actions
Individual homeowners can be proactive on home defensive actions.

Response to Wildfires
Protect structures and target prevention of ignitions.

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