These rangelands systems experience a large area burned. There is little federal ownership. Counties need to be prepared for large, long duration fires. In many counties, the BLM could serve as a primary lead for planning. There is a potential for prescribed fire use and wildland fire use where there are suitable buffers for community protection.

Example of a Typical County — Natrona County, Wyoming: This county includes the town of Casper and a patchwork of BLM land. It has experienced large wildfires in the area’s forest and grassland.

National Priorities

Vegetation and Fuels High
Homes, Communities and Values at Risk High
Human-Caused Ignitions Very Low
Effective and Efficient Response:
There is high risk of large wildfires, more potential for resource benefits.

Policy Options and Opportunities

Managing Fuels Across the Landscape
Prescribed fire may be the primary fuel management option.

Managing Ignitions
Human caused ignitions are not as great here as in other parts of the country, but may deserve attention if a local situation dictates.

Home and Community Actions
Community protection will be a primary focus for these counties. Communities can plan and take coordinated action. Individual homeowners can be proactive on home defensive actions. This can include the creation of buffers and strategic fuel breaks. These counties could also adjust building and construction codes in all non-municipal areas.

Response to Wildfires
Prepare for large, long duration wildfires.

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