Only one county falls in this group and it is distinguished by being urban, socio-economically advantaged, with a high portion of federal lands and a large area burned.

Example of a Typical County — Benton County, Washington: This Columbia River county includes the town of Kennewick and has recurrently experienced large fires.

National Priorities

Vegetation and Fuels Very Low
Homes, Communities and Values at Risk Moderate
Human-Caused Ignitions Moderate
Effective and Efficient Response:
There is low risk for large wildfires.

Policy Options and Opportunities

Vegetation and Fuels
This is a largely non-forested county where regular use of mowing or grazing may be useful for reducing fuels.

Homes, Communities and Values at Risk
Individual homeowners can be proactive on home defensive actions.

Human-Caused Ignitions
Human caused ignitions are a problem in this county. Reduce accidental and human-caused ignitions through enforcement or outreach.

Effective and Efficient Wildfire Response
Response organizations continue to protect structures, treat fuels and target ignitions as local conditions apply.

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