There are very few counties in this category. They are mostly found the southern plains of east central New Mexico and scattered counties in Kansas and Texas. They are characterized by rangeland systems that experience a large amount of area burned. There is little federal ownership and the landscape is dominated by private ranchland. When a fire occurs, they can tend to be larger fires. The application of fuel treatments could work on a seasonal basis.

Example of a Typical County — Curry County, New Mexico: This county includes Clovis, New Mexico and lies on US 60 between Lubbock and Albuquerque.

National Priorities

Vegetation and Fuels Moderate
Homes, Communities and Values at Risk Low
Human-Caused Ignitions Low
Effective and Efficient Response:
There is high risk of large wildfires, less potential for resource benefits.

Policy Options and Opportunities

Vegetation and Fuels
These counties may want to consider using mowing, grazing, and prescribed fire as fuel management options.

Homes, Communities and Values at Risk
Individual homeowners can be proactive on home defensive actions.

Human-Caused Ignitions
Human caused ignitions are not as great here as in other parts of the country, but may deserve attention if a local situation dictates.

Effective and Efficient Wildfire Response
Prepare for large, long duration wildfires.

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