These are rangeland systems within the Southern Plains that experience a large area burned. There is little federal ownership. There is good potential for wildland fire use with the application of buffers for community protection. Prescribed fire is already being used in many of these counties and could be considered for greater use.

Example of a Typical County — Chase County, Kansas: This Flint Hills county has a high area burned that includes controlled burns on private-lands and wildfire.

National Priorities

Vegetation and Fuels Moderate
Homes, Communities and Values at Risk High
Human-Caused Ignitions Very Low
Effective and Efficient Response:
There is moderate risk of large wildfires, less potential for resource benefits.

Policy Options and Opportunities

Vegetation and Fuels
The application of mechanical fuel treatments, such as grazing or mowing, could reduce fire hazards on a seasonal basis. Expand or maintain prescribed fire programs in areas of current use.

Homes, Communities and Values at Risk
Community protection will be a primary focus for these counties. Communities can plan and take coordinated action. Individual homeowners can be proactive on home defensive actions. These counties could also adjust building and construction codes in all non-municipal areas.

Human-Caused Ignitions
Reduce human-caused incendiary ignitions by focusing on enforcement programs.

Effective and Efficient Wildfire Response
Response organizations continue to protect structures, treat fuels and target ignitions as local conditions apply.

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